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Toto je text mojí osobní stránkyThe perfect native language essay is built on good choices

Ollie Leutti, a sensor on the Matriculation Examination Board, lists tips for the essay exam in his native language. He believes that the essay test should not be seen as a task with right and wrong answers because there are many possibilities. Leuitti prefers to talk about good and bad choices. With these tips, you'll make sure you make good choices on the test!

1. Choose a topic that will concern you.
Choose a topic that interests you and you know something about. The reader is convinced when the author knows what he or she is talking about.

Last year, one of the e domywriting assignments asked you to consider your own relationship with classical music. Leutti says he read several essays about how the candidate doesn't relate to classical music. He was confused by the choice of subject matter and could not recommend a similar one.

On the other hand, choosing a subject that is too easy can also be fatal.

"You can learn the subject too easily when the idea jar empties at once. You'll get a better feel for the text if you have to spin and work at it a little bit," says Loighty.

Another way to avoid too easy a topic is to consider what conclusions your writing will lead to. If they seem predictable, you can think about choosing again.

2. charm with a clear perspective.
Remember that writing is communication. Imagine a good person in the place of the reader for whom you want to explain yourself. Be aware of your point of view, tell the reader about it, and also remember to justify it. This is what essay writing in all its simplicity is all about.

Illustrative enrichment enriches the text. Simply moving at the idea level is not enough. Examples, perhaps from your own life, that illustrate or support the message, purpose, or perception of your essay are highly desirable.

The same is true of the other. Too much movement on a practical level needs to be considered from a longer scale. edusson is impressive when he knows how to balance practical examples with the abstract level.

3. avoid the obvious.
"Through the ages," "we are all different," and "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." These are all examples of the incoherent and idly obvious.

A latte example or metaphor is often recognizable by the fact that it comes to mind first. If it doesn't, don't say it.
Original, on the other hand, is never flat. Originality is not the art of pretending, but of writing a text that looks like itself.

It is worth remembering, however, that an unexpected choice always comes with risks. With a special decision, you have to ask yourself if it is actually justified.

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